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Brazil’s Airy Garden House Renovation Project

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The generous proportions of the Garden House project come from a complete makeover of a family home in Minas Gerais in Brazil.

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Brazilian architectural practice, David Guerra Architecture and Interior renovated it into a welcoming home for the CEO of a London-based business.

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To achieve this flowing, open design, the architects had to integrate spaces, destroy walls and completely transform doors and windows.

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Dark and glowing satiny posts and beams are a dominant design element, literally tying together the entire structure.

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A rhythmic modular grid of dark wooden posts marches out to the garden from right inside the house.

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There’s a wonderful treetop feeling in the high up bedroom, with light bounced up from the terrace into the rafters.

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It was important to remake the home as a contemporary haven, befitting the style of a new generation of residents.

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High up under the sheltering eaves the deep natural wood tones and the rustic character of raw brick give a sense of coziness to a home office.
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A clever trompe l’oeil effect makes a sink appear to float in space.

(The wall is mirrored below the bench, just as it is above it.)

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The idea is of a generous space that is is always open to family and friends.

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The architect succeeded in designing inviting and cozy spaces, providing light and friendly meeting places.

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And it also lovingly hosts the client’s beloved personal objets d’art.

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The result?

A stunning, open, friendly haven for family and friends alike.

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