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Design Dilemma: Carving Out a Bar Niche

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Have you ever really desired a full-on wet bar like the one above? Neither have we. Except, that is, when holiday season hits and we’re suddenly faced with a succession of gatherings and parties that usually involve liquor. At those times, having a large dedicated space just for serving cocktails seems to make all the sense in the world.

But let’s face it, most of us living in the real world simply don’t have the space for a huge, glamorous wet bar like that one above or just below:

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So what to do? We propose carving a much more discreet bar niche out of whatever available space you have. Your bar corner will serve its purpose at your next party, but it won’t make you feel guilty for being a lush or using so much space on storing drinks, otherwise. Here are some examples of small, discreet wet bars:

traditional family room how to tips advice

This is perhaps one of the best examples of a well-designed, discreet bar. Set inside a closet in an older, traditional home, this bar can open up to become a serving station during parties and gatherings, but otherwise remains hidden from view when not in use. It includes a sink and a wine refrigerator, but the mirror and the finishings inside make the bar pretty enough to stay open all the time.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

Above is another bar that doesn’t take up a lot of visual space. The bar sits between the kitchen, family room and dining room, thus occupying a central area that would otherwise probably remain unused. When it’s party time, it’s perfectly accessible to everyone.

Below another option:

traditional basement how to tips advice

This bar takes up a relatively small corner of a family room. The bar cabinets blend in seamlessly with the cabinetry in the rest of the room, and the bar does not call attention to itself.

modern dining room how to tips advice

Above is another example of a bar in the center of everything that  manages to remain virtually hidden at the same time — simply because it is set within the wall. It takes no floor space at all in this open concept floor plan but is wonderfully accessible during parties.

And talk about economy of space, you can’t do better than this little pull-out bar below. It’s simply a shelf that can open and close to expose all the goodies.

contemporary  how to tips advice

So what’s the moral of the story? Simply that you need not have a big behemoth of a bar to throw a good party or enjoy a good glass of wine. Think a little bit creatively about your bar and you’ll find it’s possible to find a discreet but practical station for cocktails. Cheers!

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