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Caribbean Resort Combines Minimalism and Luxury

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The ETR holiday villa in the Caribbean lays on thick creamy slabs of clean contemporary design in an exotic locale.

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Inside and out, there is a consistent design esthetic, that’s easy, clean and fresh.

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The chic holiday villa is set high in the hills on the lovely island of St. Barts.

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In the crisp morning air, a serene al fresco breakfast table hosts ten under a canopy in pared-down elegance.

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Bedrooms are open to the Caribbean’s fresh, clean breezes.

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Crisp modern design in the bathrooms combines classic white and brown.

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The villa is sited high on the Flamands hillside topped by a huge eternal pool seemingly hanging in space.

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By contrast, a superbly simple minimalist hot tub is pared down to the basics.

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White walls and dark floors make a chic open air office/living space.

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Its generous dining room capably seats groups of up to ten people.

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Its wall to wall galley kitchen offers an an efficient glossy white melamine workspace for cooking for crowds.

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This is a holiday villa that shows that it is the most pared-down and simple design that creates the most sensuous, chic and luxurious of spaces.

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