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Marble and Greenery Cool a Poetic Garden House in India

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The Frill House by India’s Hiren Patel Architects is completely focused on the climate-altering effects of the gardens surrounding it.

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Located in steamy Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the house opens out onto two cool garden spaces on each side.

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It has a shaded garden for escaping the heat in summer, seen here on the north of the house.

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The wide expanse of flat lawns of the summer garden is shaded all day by the house itself, offering a cool respite from the heat.

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The winter garden, on the south of the house is designed like a “forest ” to help tree plantations to create shadows on and into the building.

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Deep overhangs and open air rooms are the climate key to protection from the sun.

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The winter garden surrounds a family room with tall palms and tropical plants.

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Each space has a view to either the summer or winter garden.

“We planned different philosophy to experience the garden from different places,” say the architects. “The experience of garden is like poetry.”

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Cool marble chills the floors both indoors and out.

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Inside the house, cool marble floors are brightened by colorful Indian artefacts.

An intriguing palm leaf door is an example of the unique Indian craftsmanship to be found in this house.

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One passes into the house through a grand double height veranda from the north summer garden.

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Above the entryway, on the double height verandah, both north and south gardens can be quietly consumed.

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Dignified and gracious proportions are a foil for fine workmanship and customized Indian furniture.

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All along the cool interior hall ways, Indian objects “bring joy in the house, which breaks soberness. ”

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Finally at the east end of the house is a master bed room which opens onto a cozy veranda on the east side of the room in the summer garden.

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Both master bedrooms are at the far east end of the house. Another one is on the ground floor. Both bedrooms get beautiful morning light.

A perfect place for the morning sun and morning tea in bed! Original paintings and art objects enliven all of the spaces.

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