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Casa Pitch Near Madrid is all Stone and Concrete

Casa Pitch 1 architecture
Casa Pitch in Madrid by Iñaqui Carnicero has just been completed. It took five years to build. The structure is located on a rocky slope called “los Peñascales” – which means rocky area in Spanish. Casa Pitch 2 architecture
As if gathered out of the rock, the whole house is itself a massive weight of concrete. Under the gigantic weight of concrete, a single horizontal plane defines the building’s  footprint, where daily life goes on.
Casa Pitch 3 architecture
On this floor, all the furniture is reduced to one single element that has very different functions: storage, kitchen, sitting area and entrance windbreak. All the wardrobes are concentrated in one single strip that is attached to the façade, improving the thermal behavior of the building and therefore reducing its energy consumption.

Casa Pitch 4 architecture
Indoors and out, the floor of this level is hewn from large pieces of a chalky white limestone.
Casa Pitch 5 architecture
The limestone floor throughout serves to cool the interior space, reducing energy use inside.
Casa Pitch 6 architecture
A distant horizon view is unimpeded by walls. Instead, the masses of the building are above and below the view.
Casa Pitch 7 architecture
The deep overhang provides the protection from Spain’s ever hotter sun. The lighted area upstairs is where the sleeping quarters are. Everything else is on the swimming pool floor. Below this level, cars are parked.

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  1. Greg Says:

    Really fantastic. Hopefully it has lots of reinforcements as it looks a bit top heavy.

    I wonder how you get up to the top of that bookcase? It would look great with one of those ladders on rails that let you access the top shelves.

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