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Montauk Lake Remodel Realizes Potential of Lakeside Location

Montauk Lake House 1 home improvement

This remodeled vacation house by the side of Lake Montauk in New York comes from Murdock Young Architects.

Montauk Lake House 3 home improvement
With the new elegant and pared down remodel, the interior has a new loft-like and airy feel, due to its very light palette of just grey and white, and the vast open spaces.

Montauk Lake House 2 home improvement
Sun-bleached gray driftwood is used to make the storage units that divide the space.
Montauk Lake House 6 home improvement

The new kitchen has the clean lines of commercial kitchens in pared down stainless steel and white.
Montauk Lake House 4 home improvement
The floors are simply wooden planks painted gray. The walls and furniture are stark white.

Montauk Lake House 5 home improvement
The honed driftwood is used both inside and out, creating a beach-cottage-style flow between the interiors and exteriors.
Montauk Lake House 8 home improvement

Previously, the exterior was of a mundane suburban house. Many houses built in the region in the ’40s and ‘5os almost ignored the lake views.

Montauk Lake House 7 home improvement
The remodel capitalizes on its waterfront location to realize it as a haven for the holidays.

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  2. Paul Foresman Says:

    The exposed ceiling rafters and driftwood give this home such an elegantly casual feel. I also love all the windows and sliding glass doors that take advantage of the areas natural lighting. Very beautiful.

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