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Casual Australian House Inspired by Flotsam Strewn on the Beach

1 architecture

Thick chunks of Australian hardwood define a contemporary beach home on Sydney’s Freshwater Beach.

2 architecture

Its architectural style makes a  reference to the rough beach shacks that line the beach at the base of the nearby headland cliffs.

4 architecture

The seemingly haphazard mix of woods is intended to suggest jetsam tossed upon a rocky headland beach.

3 architecture

The idea was to recreate the effect of a weathered timber crate shelter under a raised viewing platform.

5 architecture

Adjustable walls and screens create protected and secluded spaces.
An internal courtyard distances the surrounding homes.

6 architecture

With a palette of concrete, hardwood, glass and copper left in their raw state, the house embodies a feeling of ease, creating a relaxed family home.

7 architecture

The small site has a dramatic outlook over the beach and ocean towards North Head.

9 architecture

Bedrooms are placed apart from each other with their own views for privacy.

8 architecture

The design is based on the family members’ needs for both privacy and togetherness.

10 architecture

An elevated living plane offers a wide prospect of the beach and ocean headland where the family gathers to enjoy the prospect above the beachside bustle.

The casual beach house was designed by the Surry Hills-based practice Brewster Hjorth Architects.

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