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Georgia Contemporary Borrows Charm from the Arts and Crafts Movement

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Horizontally muntined windows invite the mature rainforest in to a soaring bathroom lined with black slate and oiled wood.

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It’s all part of a truly a one-of-a-kind home, both personal and contemporary, quirky and timeless.

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An Arts and Crafts Movement ambience infuses its pleasant conservatory with its sliding wood paneled doors.

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The charming house adopts the low-tech sustainability of an underground rainwater collector.

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Huge overhangs are high enough above generous windows preventing heat gain in summer while inviting the low winter sun deep into the rooms.

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The intimate intellectual feel of the Arts and Crafts movement can be also be seen in this combination of stone and the masculine woodworking details.

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The soaring roofline of the sleeping space generates a dreamlike feeling of being carried up into the forest canopy.

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By contrast, the low-ceilinged living room is cosy and convivial, an invite to conversation and sharing.

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A brunch suspended in the trees is warmed by the wood ceiling and stone fireplace.

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Studio One Architects created the Greenland Road Residence in a rural area outside Atlanta, Georgia.

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