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Catamaran-styled Houseboat, Loaded With Luxury

houseboat 1 architecture

When an architectural design is meant to take shape in Dubai, then you can bet your bottom penny that it would be revolutionary, luxurious and simple outstanding. A floating residence designed by X-Architects, Houseboat is an extravagant modern adobe that stands on a couple of beams that mimic the design of a Catamaran. The Lower deck houses the bedrooms, bathroom and the steering cabin while the upper deck holds a concealed kitchen, a living room and an informal dining area. Styled to fit in perfectly with the contemporary minimalist trends and shades, this luxury on waves will floor you with its unrivalled charm and futuristic persona.

[via ArchDaily]

houseboat 2 architecture

houseboat 3 architecture

houseboat 4 architecture

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