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Design Dilemma: Finding Stylish Pet Paraphernalia

Pets are an important part of our lives and they need their stuff — scratching posts, dishes, beds and the like. Problem is, most of it is an eyesore in our sleek living rooms, kitchens and dens.

But designers are getting wise to customers’ desires for stylish and hip options for pet accoutrements. And now there are some pretty cool alternatives out there that echo sculptural modern lines of modern furniture. In fact, there are so many choices out there, we wish we could show them all.

bentwooddogbed 300x164 furniture 2

Bentwood Dog Bed, $260
Holden Designs, Venice, CA 
Reminiscent of the molded plywood seating created by Norman Cherner for Plycraft, the Bentwood Dog Bed offers  rounded sculptural lines. It comes in a walnut finish.

pounce moderncat 300x186 furniture 2

Pounce, $165
Everyday Studio, San Francisco
Reminiscent of the work by Frank Gehry, Pounce  is a multifunctional piece of feline furniture designed for both naps and scratching.  The heavy-duty double wall corrugated cardboard material will absorb long term scratching abuse with  a minimum of wear and tear. It can be stacked and grouped into different configurations.

wowo ellipsedogbed pic 300x212 furniture 2

Wowo Ellipse Dog Bed, $799, from Vurv.

wowodogpod7 298x300 furniture 2
Wowo Dog Pod, $600
Vurv, Canada
With a nod to Eames and other molded plywood classics, these beds are shaped from bent plywood and come in the  veneer of your choice including bamboo, maple, cherry, wenge, hammered/red and pebbled/white. Vurv also carries a line of bent plywood dog dishes.

dogbedlucite 300x300 furniture 2
Mija Dog Bed, $830-$1240
Wowbow, London
Crafted from 10mm thick acrylic and furnished with luxury faux suede cushions and filled with shredded ‘memory foam’. Wowbow also offers a set of matching acrylic dog dishes as well as high-style cat scratches.

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  1. Hannah Says:

    Hmm.. Nice designs.. I wonder if any of these products are available in the United States?

  2. Preynolds Says:

    Several of the above products are American. But check out the websites of the foreign designers. You may discover you can find those products also in the U.S.

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