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Chilean Coastal Holiday House Expands on a Budget

housew1 architecture

A cheerful holiday house in the seaside holiday town of Huentelauquén on the Chilean coast achieves a lot on a budget.

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The clients brief had two main requirements. First, that House W cost no more than $500 per square meter.

housew3 architecture

And second that it protect against the very strong coastal winds in the region.

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The plan was thus very simple and compact, with just a narrow roofed-in strip of conditioned space.

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Behind the house, between two spacious open air corrals in the back, is the parking area.

housew2 architecture

A wind sheltered corral is created behind the public living area, a high walled courtyard.

housew6 architecture

The corral thus becomes an extension of the living room area, that enlarges the living space at virtually no cost.

housew14 architecture

Behind the bedrooms is a second walled corral, with just sand for its floor and the sky as its ceiling.

This second one is designed to accommodate tents for grandchildren to camp in safety.

housew13 architecture

This way, large family gatherings are possible, because up to three pairs of grownups can be accommodated in the three bedrooms.

All of the children can camp in tents in the enclosed space behind the house.

housew9 architecture

The ample kitchen and dining area is well able to accommodate an extended family.

housew11 architecture

The sand is not only an economical flooring, but creates the very relaxing sensation that you are right on the beach.

housew12 architecture

No fuss construction met the budget, while being elegant in its simplicity.

housew8 architecture

The entire sea front of the house is one huge deck.

housew10 architecture

By limiting the enclosed space to a simple strip between the deck and the two sand corrals, the architects were able to meet the financial challenge with a graceful design.

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