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Clever Tiny Parisian Apartment Designed for a Young Couple

ab1 architecture

How tiny is this apartment? What you see is the whole thing.

It’s simultaneously a very spacious kitchen and a very spacious bathroom (and a sleeping loft with a very long view).

ab3 architecture

Amber lighting is used to emphasise the interesting changing light-scapes that are created as day changes to night.

ab6 architecture

From the other end of the same room, looking the opposite way, the bathroom also feels like the entire room.

Like many successful designs for tiny spaces, each room ‘steals’ from the others.

ab16 architecture

And similarly, from the kitchen, there is no sense of a bathroom in the space, which makes up for its size limits by its unlimited changes in lighting.

ab5 architecture

The kitchen sinkbench can be considered a comfortable reading nook – at least for the young and hip.

ab7 architecture

Amber lights in the recess space create a different mood in the bathroom under the sleeping loft.

ab10 architecture

At night the bathroom is transformed, with the central board like a lit up like a beacon.

Stairs to the sleeping loft look like a work of art, not a way somewhere.

ab9 architecture

With just the amber light on at night, the warmth counteracts the usual “bathroom” feel sense to create something cosier.

ab15 architecture

The two amber lights create the allusion to a candle for lighting the way up to bed.

ab14 architecture

This creative solution to stair space is appropriate for the youthful design aesthetic.

ab11 architecture

Stairs are the most minimal possible: simply treads.

ab8 architecture

It’s not for everyone. These young things couldn’t come home drunk and try to get up to bed on these precarious stairs.

ab12 architecture

And there is no toilet in this simple bathroom. (Many older Parisian apartments have shared toilets on the stairs.)

ab4 architecture

And I think they’ll eventually find there really is a need for a ‘sofa’ of some sort somewhere here. Dangling feet doesn’t make for relaxation.

A loft sofa above the kitchen bench, facing the window? Or extend the top stair to the window, and add a sofa back, making a loft sofa where he is sitting?

ab18 architecture

In any case, here is what they started with, a very unprepossessing space as it was before the renovation.

This is the view from what is now the bathroom: it was barely more than a hallway.

ab2 architecture

Arresting lighting and these few simple elements have made for a hip home of many moods out of a very tiny and unusable space.

The kudos go to French firm Betillon Dorval-Bory.

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