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Luxurious House + Guest House Looks Inwards for its View

BR1 architecture

For Belzberg Architects, designing the Brentwood Residence presented a challenge. There was no view outside the lot.

So they put two buildings at opposite ends a grass lawn and made this bold geometric architectural volume the view.

BR4 architecture

At night the volumes of the shapes reverse, lit up like a lantern.

BR16 architecture

At the far end of the garden beyond the pool is the more modest guesthouse which doubles as the poolhouse.

BR10 architecture

From this vantage point, the intriguing architecture of the main house beyond the pool really is the view.

BR5 architecture

The two buildings set up their own dialogue with eachother across the lawn.

BR3 architecture

From their shared lawn, the main house is inviting and convivial.

BR6 architecture

The morning sun streams into the kitchen of the very appealing poolhouse-cum-guesthouse space, inviting an early morning swim.

BR7 architecture

White floors, walls and ceilings make for a brilliant light space that continues seamlessly outdoors through a disappearing glass wall.

BR14 architecture

A cool and sophisticated Hollywood touch is provided by the Andy Wharhol image on the wall behind the clean contemporary kitchen/dining room.

BR8 architecture

Entered from the lawn, the guesthouse bathroom is deliciously airy and unfussy.

BR9 architecture

By contrast, the rooms in the main house have a more matronly feel, presumably at the client’s preference.

Here, kitchen surfaces are lavishly spread with an excess of white marble.

BR15 architecture

But the staircase is a thing of beauty, allowing an intervention into the garden beyond, contained within a huge glass box.

BR11 architecture

The stairs themselves are also suspended in glass.

BR13 architecture

The bold white geometry of the shapes of the interior landings can be seen through the glass box of stairs, echo the bold geometry outside.

BR12 architecture

Climbing above the lawn, it becomes easy to forget there is really no view outside of the lot.

BR2 architecture

The intriguing architecture is the view.

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