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Curved-Roof Guest House Avoids the Hobbit Look

treehouse 4 architecture

Curved houses can be at risk of being just a little hokey. But here is one from Sarasota, Florida, that carries it off. There is nothing hobbit-like about this confidently executed structure.

treehouse 12 architecture

From TOTeMS, this guest-house is sited overlooking a wide river and it offsets a bold, modern curved roof with squared-up structure at the ground level.

treehouse 2 architecture

There is an element of the “rockabye cradle in the tree tops” here in this mezzanine bedroom, open to the living room behind the bed. What a superb bedroom!

Like an upended boat, the bed appears to be surrounded by water. But the sleeping room is high and dry, way up high in the treetops.

treehouse 5 architecture

The view of the trees is intimate, up close.

treehouse 3 architecture

The living room below, on the ground floor, shares the mezzanine bedroom’s view over the river. To get the big curved roof, glue-lam beams were used.

treehouse 11 architecture

This floor offers a treetop deck as another way to meld with the surrounding.

treehouse 1 architecture

The bathroom and kitchen are in the forested end at the back of the structure, leaving living and sleeping for the front and the  river view.

treehouse 6 architecture

So how does this avoid the hippie look of curved houses? I think it is because the house is confidently executed. It is as if the architect is saying, –yes; we humans are part of nature. We embrace curves and randomness like nature.

treehouse 7 architecture

But we are also sentient beings; it is part of our logical nature to create the linear, straight lines of most architecture. It is natural for us to inhabit both worlds; the natural and the man made.

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  1. Matt Says:

    no project did such an impression on me like this. I want to grow old in such a place

  2. Casey Key Guest House / TOTeMS | External Brain Says:

    […] and it offsets a bold, modern curved roof with squared-up structure at the ground level — via Home Design Find This entry was posted in Design. Bookmark the permalink. ← Ash Sketch / Brett Parson […]

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