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Desert Concrete is Forever

desert house 1 architecture

Marwan Al-Sayed Architects designed this interesting, stark and forbidding-looking concrete house in Paradise Valley, Arizona that looks as harsh and uncompromising as the desert landscape that it inhabits.

desert house 9 architecture

The house is conceived as an archaic thick mass casting, say the architects. The concrete mass cools the house while cutting off views to the non-descript suburban houses that surround it.

desert house 5 architecture

Integral white cast concrete walls create a modern update: a new classic, Mediterranean wall.

desert house 4 architecture

The colors reflect the subtle colors of the native planting used throughout. The palette is restricted to a monotone – reflecting the subtle grays, silvers and green casts of the desert landscape.

desert house 6 architecture

The architects used a reversed living plan that makes sense in the hot dry desert climate of Arizona. Bedrooms and bathrooms are underneath, on the ground level, and are semi sunken into the earth, affording privacy, shade and immediacy to the desert floor which surrounds it – rooms stay cool and intimate.

desert house 2 architecture

Cool light blooms deep down into the private interior spaces via deep stairwells lit by skylights above. Thick 20″ walls insulate and cool the house naturally.

desert house 3 architecture

Then on the upper floor above the bedrooms, the upper level affords the spectacular views of the surrounding topography, as well as participates in the constant light show of vast sky, clouds and colors that so typifies the urban desert experience.

desert house 10 architecture

A large shaded outdoor living room, that is cooled by concrete above and below is open to the natural desert foliage.

desert house 00 architecture

For the landscape, only indigenous desert vegetation is used so the demand for water is minimal. The plants are low water use plants.

desert house 7 architecture

An anonymous blank wall faces the neighboring houses affording complete privacy for the residents.

desert house 8 architecture

Almost like a sand dune baking in the hot sun, the house has an eerie sense of vastness and peace that comes from the use of the earth-derived materials, just concrete and glass, both essentially dry; one from sand, one from rocks.

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3 Comments so far to “Desert Concrete is Forever”
  1. JoAnne Loftus Says:

    While not the best home for the average, suburban family, this is a very unique home design. It has a definite point of view while still being functional for the environment. The sunken bedrooms on the first floor are a great idea.

  2. Nathan Says:

    I like the outdoor livign room with the cooling effect from the concrete – I think this will get a lot of use.

  3. Desert Concrete / Marwan Al-Sayed Architects | External Brain Says:

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