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Dancing Trees, Singing Birds

dancing trees singing birds architecture

Although it sounds like something out of a forest fairytale, it is actually a small apartment complex located on 8,288 square feet in Tokyo. You would never think that located in central Tokyo you would find a small forest getaway, but that’s just where you can look to find Dancing Trees, Singing Birds.

dancing trees singing birds 001 architecture

Six apartments come together to complete the extraordinary vision of designer Hiroshi Nakamura. Each apartment nests quietly in the grove becoming one with the trees and the nature surrounding it. A kitchen, living room, small bedroom and one unique leisure room makes up each apartment. Every one is differently sized and themed based on the leisure room. The leisure rooms give each apartment its own name.

dancing trees singing birds 002 architecture

The Spa House, Library house, Tea House, Pool House, Terrace House, or Theater House are the individual apartment names you can find on the name plates outside the doors of each apartment. Small birdhouses are included in the design to ensure there will always be the sounds of singing birds on the site. Learn more about Dancing Trees, Singing Birds at Metropolis Mag.

dancing trees singing birds 003 architecture

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