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How To: Decorate on a Budget

budget decorating how to tips adviceThe thought of decorating can make many think “a lot of money”. This isn’t always the case. Being on a budget is no reason you should have to cut out decorating and adding personality to your home. Here are some tips to decorating your home less:

  • Paint an accent wall – instead of painting every wall in a room, stick with one and save a little money and time on painting.
  • Buying Paint – check with local hardware stores for their mistake paints. These are always cheap and you can find some nice colors.
  • Focus – decorate one room at a time. Buying a little for each room will not give you a completed room and you will have spent money you could have focused on one room and have it completely decorated.
  • Set a budget – set up how much you can spend at a certain time and stick with it. Avoid impulse buys and buy only what you an afford and steer clear from items that are over your budget.
  • Slipcovers – When decorating on a budget, slip covers can be a life saver. If you find a bargain on sofas but the upholstery is less appealing get a slipcover you like and cover it. Go for the shape of the sofa rather than the upholstery.
  • Create your own art – It’s amazing what a blank canvas and a little paint can do for a room. Paint your own art, using a canvas and paint. It can be abstract. Just get some art up on the walls.
  • Imitate – Browse through high end stores and see their furniture rooms. If you find one you like, imitate the look on a cheaper scale.
  • Bargain Hunt – Always be on the lookout for bargains for your home items. Yard sales, second hand shops, wholesale stores; you never know what you’ll find. Most likely a great deal!
  • Use your imagination – often the biggest part of decorating is using your imagination. Decorate using plants on the wall, hang bamboo on the walls, recycle old items and make them apart of your home.

Decorating on a budget is possible. Never think just because you are on a budget you can’t have a beautifully decorated home.

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