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Danish Fisherman’s Cottage Gets Whimsical Do-Up

nordic fishing cabin3 architecture

With lashings of white paint, an old fishing cabin outside Copenhagen is remade into a quirky yet idyllic haven, designed to meet the needs of a young family.

nordic fishing cabin1 architecture

The converted fishing cottage has unique touches that echo the whimsy of the bow tie and green pants sported here – by perhaps the Dad or a visiting family friend.

nordic fishing cabin5 architecture

The cheery bedroom is both spartan and luxurious, minimal and personal, practical and silly.

(Three lightbulbs strewn over the ceiling pipe?)

nordic fishing cabin4 architecture

The wonderfully goofy combination of the rustic and archaic table – with the unbreakable plastic and chrome chairs.

nordic fishing cabin2 architecture

A pop-up glass and steel trapdoor in the floor leads down the ancient original stone steps to the wine cellar below.

nordic fishing cabin6 architecture

the casually creative touches like these boulders as steps

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2 Comments so far to “Danish Fisherman’s Cottage Gets Whimsical Do-Up”
  1. Glen Says:

    Give those kids some crayons, they'll brighten up the place!

  2. Dannett Klein Says:

    I really enjoy the simple yet elegant look presented through the black and white. I wonder how hard it is to keep clean with children. Beautifual space, thanks for sharing!

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