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Dark Concrete House has Bright Contemporary Interior

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A bold L shape defines a courtyard-hugging house just outside the town of Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal.

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Its rather curt exterior is entirely clad in concrete panels that are tinted a matte black.

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By contrast with its dark concrete exterior, the interior has light golden pine and white walls and ceilings.

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So the interior spaces are warm and bright.

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The dark exterior opaque façade is black prefabricated concrete panels.

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But warm wood lines a corridor that soaks up sun and contains the bedroom wing of the L, with the master bedroom suite at its end.

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The interior edge of the L shape, opening onto the private courtyard, is fully glazed, while the street-facing exterior walls are completely opaque.

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Its friendly sun-filled kitchen contains a nice surprise.

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Part of that bright warm sun is bounced up into the room off an extension of the kitchen counter set right in the window, acting like a very deep window sill.

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This hugely exaggerated window ledge makes an architectural contribution to the space as a whole.

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The highly contrasting house comes from Portuguese studio Arquitectos Matos.

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