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Spacious Skies for a Dream House on a Crowded Suburban Coastline

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The owners of this house wanted to feel like they were on holiday every day, simply alone with the sky and the sea.

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But while the view ahead was fantastic, the fairly cramped site, perched high over the Pacific Ocean in suburban Sydney, Australia, was closely surrounded by large houses to the sides.

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Rolf Ockert designed the house of their dreams, by clever optical illusions that open the house up and out to the sea and the sky – only to the front.

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By making the space surprisingly high, the architects take advantage of the only extravagant space available: the sky.

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These high side walls are also topped by a slit view of boundless skies, while blocking views of the neighbors.

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Sightlines to ocean and sky are consistently pursued wherever possible, with bonus slivers of the forward view above the ceiling line.

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Even the side walls contain vertical slivers of ocean views as if opening out from the sides.

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Being concrete, these walls also create thermal mass; soaking up warmth during the day, and releasing it at night for a comfortable indoor climate.

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The gorgeous view is to the east, so it gets direct sun into the house only in the morning.

Therefor this thermal mass on the side walls is needed.

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Abundant space in the bathroom to the back is daylit only by a skylight courtyard.

This gives the sense of outdoor space while in reality, there is only a few feet between this wall and the neighbours.

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Within the house, a rich palette of strong, earthy materials, like rust metal finishes and thick, textured renders, contrasts with the expenses of glass to the skies.

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Weighty textural contrasts in the back anchor the house against the airy, light aspect created by the opening to the views.

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With all of these clever optical tricks, the architects succeeded in designing a dream house with an easy and generous sophistication and spaciousness.

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