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Dellis Cay – Paradise will open for visitors in the end of 2009

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Humanity has always striven to recreate Paradise here on earth. What better description of Paradise than exuberant greenery, golden sand beach, crystal-clean waters, infinite sky, serenity and the so hard to achieve feel of timelessness and peace? Actuated by this aspiration, The О Property Collection – the company behind this ambitious project – has begun the construction of an outstanding resort, consisting of luxurious villas, hotels and houses. The action takes place in the Caribbean basin, to be more specific – on Dellis Cay, an island belonging to Turks and Caicos. To realize the project investors have invited eminent world-famous names in the architecture such as Shigeru Ban, Kengo Kuma, Zaha Hadid, Carl Ettensperger, Piero Lissoni, David Chipperfield and Chad Oppenheim.

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According to Lissoni, “The original idea was to make a paradise without the buildings modifying the feeling of being in a paradise”. “The development was designed with a maximum respect for nature.” also says Lissoni, who is responsible for creating 9 houses on the edge of the ocean, 9 private villas and 24 hotel residences. Dellis Cay has a surface of 560 acres and should hold 124 private villas, 154 residences, the Mandarin Oriental hotel, as well as a marina. It seems that the resort will turn into a little private VIP community with properties ranging from 2 to 20 million US dollars. Construction began on June 4th 2008 and is expected to be completed in the end of 2009. It is also expected for the resort to be sold out long before that, so if you want a piece of Paradise you should hurry up.

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2 Comments so far to “Dellis Cay – Paradise will open for visitors in the end of 2009”
  1. Pete S. Says:

    Very personal comment … is it not a very impersonal design, soulless? Where is the link with these specific islands and the Caribbean? It seems to me a project that could be built anywhere in the Pacific or Indian Ocean or even be avoided.

  2. Deianira Says:

    I hope that I'll have enough luck in this life so that I can make enough money to spend some time in Dellis Cay.

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