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How to choose artwork for your home

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A well chosen work of art can make incredible things to your home’s appearance. You hesitate about what art to buy? Let us help you with some guidelines.

– First you have to decide what kind of art you want. You can choose between sculpture, photography and hanging art.
– See what space you can spare for the artwork. Always make sure there is enough space to display the artwork you’ve chosen and that it will not disturb the overall harmony of your interior.
– Make sure the style you’ve chosen will be compatible with the rest of the home decor. It isn’t appropriate to put a baroque art in a minimalist home, is it?
Set a budget. Decide what sum you’re ready to spare for art and stick to it.

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Once you’ve made these decisions, it’s time to search for the perfect piece of art. There are several ways to do this:

– If you have a favorite artist – research his/her work. Whether it’s a contemporary artist, or an old master, you can easily do your research through Internet. If you do not have the funds to buy a world-famous original, buy a reproduction, or order prints online. There are plenty of sites that offer high-quality prints – from legendary works of modern art to underground artists.
– See what galleries have to offer. Galleries offer more expensive items, but their artistic value is greater as well. Consult the gallery owner for the best pieces that fit your budget.
– Wealthy buyers can try their luck in auctions. Be careful not to bid more than you can spend for an artwork, as the bidding can easily carry you away. Once again, consider your budget and try not to exceed it.
– If your city has a local art fair, don’t forget to check it out. You can find great things and support the local art community at the same time.
Local art schools and colleges often offer artwork for sale; you can check what aspiring artists have created. Who knows, maybe the slim boy whose painting you bought is the next Andy Warhol.
– And, finally, for those who are ambivalent toward spending money for buying someone else’s work – you can create it yourself. After all, you know what colors and shapes will suit your home best and will use them. Plus, it will be an original – no one else will have the same.

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