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Dupli Dos: Simple Bliss on the Coast of Ibiza

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It doesn’t take much to make life perfect on the coast of Ibiza in Spain.

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Less really is more.

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The simplest of slabs for lounging about on.

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This gloriously simple house overlooking the sea is Dupli Dos in Ibiza, Spain, by Juma Architects

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From the inside, it is like a cliff cave poised right over the sea.

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In fact, below; there is a lower terrace.

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Upstairs, a bedroom balcony offers a dry and desertlike shelter from the surfeit of watery views.

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The architects create a feature with the elements of salt water… chlorine water… fresh water.

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It’s only a few steps indoors after the rinse off.

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The compact design creates perfect, minimalist views from every outlook.

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Here is the view as you walk back indoors after the rinse.


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And here is the simple serenity of the view out to the sea.

Again, perfect.

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Overkill is not needed.

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The purity of the architecture makes each moment revered.

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Bathrooms are elegant and functional, not huge.

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Inside, as if in pure bliss, a bed merely floats above the surface.

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In another bedroom, a mirrored wall doubles the view out to sea.

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This magnificent contemporary house in Ibiza’s Roca Llisa can house up to 10 people – and offers the most perfect luxury for a few.

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