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An Old World Hacienda in Malinalco, Mexico

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The Hacienda Los Apantles is designed by traditional Mexican architect Marco Aldaco.

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There is a great demand for Mexican knick knacks created by the architect, who is the architect of choice for families like Guinness, Onassis and other global luminaries.

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A professional photographer and her husband make their home in the peaceful green retreat.

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Los Apantles is nestled in a beautiful wood setting within a small valley.

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Imbued with the somnolent old world charm of the Mexican hacienda, its exterior is finished in turquoise and terracotta.

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The site is on the border of one of the sacred sites of the five hundred year old Aztec Empire.

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Nestled near the magical Mexican village of Malinalco, a mood of slumbering afternoon siestas is suggested.

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The site is landscaped with the indigenous plants and trees that thrive in this mountainous forest micro-climate.

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The pre-Hispanic word “apantles” means “little streams” – named for many charming little streams that run through the five-acre site.

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Rooftop terraces afford access to the spectacular 360-degree view of the mountain peaks surrounding the valley.

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Vine-covered pergolas shade the terraces next to the pool.

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There’s a hint of the glamour of the the bohemian foreign retreats of 1930s Hollywood.

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The humble Mexican kitchen seems like a set upon which Ava Gardner could suddenly appear.

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Old fashioned 16 foot ceilings create a bedroom that Hemingway might have escaped to.

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The masculine bathroom suggests the kind of old fashioned shaving that would involve lathering up with soap and a brush – starring Errol Flynn?

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Altogether an old fashioned kind of luxurious far-away Shangri La for the bohemian cognoscenti of yesteryear.

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