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Experience an Asian Museum-like Villa on Thailand’s Coast

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The subtle and evocative design of Thailand’s Villa Padma is enhanced by its gorgeous jungle setting in the Bay of Yarma.

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A platform with the merest hint of traditional Thai architecture leads the visitor to an elegant design statement within.

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The privileged oceanfront site on the picturesque Cape Yamu on the east coast of Phuket could hardly be more perfect.

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A chunky teak headboard cleverly transforms into a writing desk for an office space with a view that seems far from any suggestion of bedroom-iness, a difficult design challenge for the traveller.

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The same solid chunky teak furniture continues into the dining room for continuity in design.

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It is used again in simple living room coffee tables and benches and builds the tropical louvred doors.

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This integrated office desk/headboard becomes a floating platform bed suspended just above a teak floor inlay – like a carpet.

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The same idea, an inlaid area of teak within a white polished concrete floor is used in the great room at the center of the pagoda.

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The repetition of the teak in the rooms is a quietly hypnotic design element.

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Throughout, deep charcoal shutters and curtains form a sharp contrast.

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Important Asian art and sculpture gives the space a sense of museum-like luxury.

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Every design element, including each umbrella, is well thought out and perfectly placed.

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Behind the office space in the bedroom, bathroom vanities are organized in symmetrical perfection.

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A bath at the Villa is an almost sacred rite.

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These are beautiful spaces to enjoy and share with friends and family.

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An elegant sunken seating pavilion is the perfect size for conversation.

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Four extravagantly sized bedrooms are placed for friendliness and yet privacy.

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The consistent and restrained design adds up to a simple, luxurious, well designed resort.

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