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Ugly Site Converted to a Clever Live/Work Home for a Young Family

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The Barcelona site was unprepossessing to say the least, a narrow open space with a dungeon-like space at each end.

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Spanish architect Carles Enrich connects the two spaces with a lovely patio and trains vines over a subtle trellis.

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Looking out towards what is now a lovely “garden”space is a family live/work loft on the ground floor (and below ground) of a four story building.

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Looking at the plan in section, you see how the basement is made to become a young family’s home, using a split level loft space for the bedrooms, and a kitchen near the patio outside.

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The ugly dungeon at the other end of the open space is converted into a satellite studio making this a live/work family home centered around an outdoor courtyard.

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Brilliant design connects a stairway right into a chest of drawers. Both seem right, though they contradict each other.

A chest of drawers is at a level to put things in – with your hands.Yet adjacent to it is a place to put your feet – to move through the space.

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Storage opens out of both sides of this practical scandinavian chest that separates the baby’s room from the hallway.

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Suspended over that clever chest of drawers in the sunken nursery,hanging stairs lead up to the parents’ loft bedroom above.

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The new and modern loft exists within the extremely haphazard brick and plasterwork of yesteryear.

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The nursery, like the rest of the open plan loft home shares the view out onto the patio.

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The baby’s room has a below grade floor for the crib floor, making space for the parents loft bed above it.

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The loft bed is suspended in a metal structure that is independent of the building.

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Yet the below-grade room underneath doesn’t feel cramped.

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The ceiling structure is exposed, a very interesting barrel vault.

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Outside, the rustic and artless plaster and brick is all white-washed for a uniform color.

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Altogether, what an incredible makeover from this raw material!

The old dry cleaning factory is now a wonderful home built around a central courtyard.

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