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Family-Friendly Australian Beach House with Soaring Atrium

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A series of attractive small blocky cubes on the outside of a renovated home in Noosa, Australia belies a very large new interior within.

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Inside, a new atrium soars two storeys tall, bringing filtered daylight into the heart of the home.

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The Sunshine Beach House is a very daring renovation of a dark and cramped older house, by Wilson Architects.

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Now, implausibly light and airy views penetrate the many improbable nooks and crannies inside.

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Window frames and doors are finished in medium-tone wood bringing warmth and color and to the home.

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The wood-and-creamy-white color palette blends both indoors and out, melding the many indoor and outdoor spaces.

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An almost whimsical array of blocky shapes create a appealingly complex form that leads up to the tower atrium central to the new home.

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Multiple charming and complex outdoor areas and transition spaces connect the home to the outdoors.

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Some parts of the original house have now become incorporated into wonderful new outdoor spaces like this now completely open wall.

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Each space is easygoing and family-friendly, with clean and simple fixtures and furniture.

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The architects have created a charming and memorable backdrop to a magical Australian childhood.

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While the design of each part of the house contributes to a pleasing whole, it is never strained.

Altogether a truly modern home, yet also comfortable and unpretentious.

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