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Floating Roof Graces Beach House for Coastal New South Wales

TKD1 architecture

Here’s an Australian beach house from TKD Architects, in the traditions of the best modern beach house vernacular with its extensive glazing.

TKD2 architecture

Like all the most-loved beach houses, it offers the see-through peek at the ocean through the living room upon arrival.

TKD3 architecture

Its transparent floating roof suggests suggests a sail on the ocean beyond.

TKD4 architecture

Steel and glass best weathers a harsh coastal climate.

Muted greys and silvers mimic the natural colours of the beach and coastal vegetation.

TKD5 architecture

Offering a straight shot to the beach, the house is perfectly sited for multiple summers of fun.

TKD6 architecture

With upper and lower levels for sleeping, it graciously accommodates different generations of extended family.

8 architecture

The floating roof allows the summer sun to lavish lovely light where everyone gathers for meals in the open plan great room.

TKD7 architecture

Transparency and the roof floating high above is part of the delight of this beach house overlooking the sea.

TKD2 architecture

It’s a view guaranteed to lift the spirits upon return to a fondly remembered vacation house.

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