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Gorgeous Treetop Dwellings in the Mexican Rainforest

ASG14 architecture

Alejandro Sánchez García Arquitectos designed the Chipicas Town Houses, four independent single buildings inside a private garden in downtown Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

ASG4 architecture

The architects have devised a an unpretentious floating lantern design that is timeless and transcendent.

ASG8 architecture

In a treetop bedroom, glass from ceiling to floor completely exposes the surrounding rainforest.

ASG9 architecture

The result is a gorgeous place to sleep that appears suspended high up in the rainforest canopy.

ASG10 architecture

The design is simple and unpretentious, opening a full wall of glass in even the childrens’ bunk rooms overlooking the surrounding jungle.

ASG1 architecture

Because of the tiny garden setting, an extremely vertical design is devised for each building to protect most of the vegetation.

ASG11 architecture

The Chipicas Houses were designed with two sides of the façade made of floor to ceiling windows and two sides with a skin made of wooden lattice to gain a sense of privacy.

ASG5 architecture

The backs of each of the buildings are entirely covered in a wooden rain screen that offsets the textural complexity of the growing wood nearby.

ASG13 architecture

From the outside, these rain screens seem impenetrable and solid – but from inside, they simply filter the light.

ASG7 architecture

A completely novel view is created down under the overhangs.

(Because these screens are not connected all the way down.)

ASG6 architecture

The texture of the wood offers a foil for the surrounding jungle.

ASG18 architecture

At night, these garden structures glow like lanterns in their rainforest setting.

ASG16 architecture

The verticality is a solution to the small footprint needed within the garden.

ASG17 architecture

With the hyper vertical plan, stairs become a feature.

ASG12 architecture

A lovely tension is created between walls of glass and walls of rain screen.

ASG2 architecture

The zen-like structures have something of Japan about them.

ASG3 architecture

There is a sumptuousness to the contrast of the civilized white floors, walls and sofas in the interiors, appearing to float within the dank rainforest setting.

A design that is just a real delight.

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