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For Snow… Red!

Red house 1 architecture
Why have we not seen red houses till now? This red house is an instant classic, designed by ARKITEKTER MNAL in Oslo – where winter can mean nine months of darkness – to make an energetic contrast with the white of Norway’s snow.
Red house 2 architecture

This brisk red, and pine and white interior – so Scandinavian!
Red house 3 architecture

As chipper as an IKEA store, all the red is warming and cheerful.
Red house 4 architecture

Its as classic as a Christmas card. Why aren’t there red houses everywhere?
Red house 5 architecture

Glimpses of the red are everywhere, making it feel toasty warm inside.
Red house 6 architecture

It appears to utilize an unusual material – at least for an interior: corrugated metal, that in this case has been painted white.
Red house 7 architecture

Brrrr….where’s some red? I need some red!
Red house 8 architecture

Yes! I love this little bit of concrete offsetting the red here.
Red house 9 architecture

Living here and looking out on the cold world of Norway outside through this red frame, I’d feel cozy and warm, and just as brave and energetic as Norwegians always are! Warmed from the inside.

Via Arch Daily

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