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Sophisticated Townhouses of the Future – Will Float

floating townhouses 1 green
If living on water is our future, with rising sea levels, perhaps that won’t be so bad. This doesn’t look like a less civilized way to live at all. Normally, neighborhoods of “little boxes” do not look this good! But with its strong uniform repetition of vertical elements in white – this floating community is quite lovely.

floating townhouses 2 green
This elegant neighborhood of floating townhouses comes to us from – where else – the Netherlands, where Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer was commissioned to design seventy five townhouses on the water in a suburb of Amsterdam.

floating townhouses 4 green
For all its futuristic look, at the edge of the settlement, some of the townhouses back up onto a very familiar looking traditional road.
floating townhouses 6 green
Each townhouse is attached to a floating jetty system – so none are far from “land.” This IJburg district of is to have complete floating neighborhoods, with jetties instead of paved footpaths and city plazas.

float green
The neighborhood that is created is ideal for childish fun. Living on the water fosters a feeling of liberty and of closeness to nature. Living close to your neighbours is not just more green, but it’s more neighborly too.

floating townhouses 7 green
Building on water, for the Dutch, is not just about the adaptation to living with sea level rise. It is also about land shortages. Packed in close, these townhouses have a very urban vibe. These are neighbors who get to know each other, especially if all their kids are frolicking together in the “streets”.

floating townhouses 8 green
But there is an escape route if it’s needed. A slow and steady journey can be taken to get away from it all. The best of neighborly city life, and the life of freedom too!

floating greenBecause these townhouses are not on the open sea, but are protected from high waves by Holland’s elaborate system of dykes, they do not need protections like boats which have to able to roll and right themselves. They will just rise serenely as the water level does. Hopefully.

Via Arch Daily

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