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From SAOTA: the Voelklip House

SAOTA VH1 architecture

South African firm SAOTA has come up with a sweet little beach house suitable for a family of four that packs a lot of glamour into a compact site.

SAOTA VH8 architecture
Centered around the pool, the living area is L-shaped.

The staircase leads up to a mezzanine level family room that can be seen from the kitchen, yet is out of sight of the grownups more formal seating below.
SAOTA VH7 architecture

Interestingly, the staircase is just a stepped wooden zigzag insert in glass.

SAOTA VH6 architecture

Informal seating at the glossy kitchen counter is complemented by a sunken dining room for more formal meals.

A sophisticated detail: white cement screed floors throughout the public circulation areas inside and out, and the glow of turquoise and pistachio revealed by concealed lighting.

SAOTA VH4 architecture

Replicating the white cement block, an island interrupts the flow of naturally weathered wooden decking surrounding the pool.

SAOTA VH3 architecture

The beach house is set in an infill lot in Voelklip, Hermanus, Western Cape, RSA, between the mountains and the coastline.

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