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Hotel Seven4One – a Colorful Paradise of Textural Delight

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The public spaces of a small boutique hotel in Laguna Beach have been enticingly renovated by Horst Architects.

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A delicious combination of textures balance each other. The weathered wood contrasts with the rusty steel. Hot consuming fire contrasts with cool growing greenery.

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A shelf along the far wall supports a fire in a sort of tray that holds white slab cushioned seating.

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Because the slab of white limestone hearth is similar to the white seating cushions, the fireplace blends into the seating.

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Bright primary colors of scarlet, turquoise and white are perfectly played against the rusty Corten steel and the weathered wood.

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Atop the greenery, yet another intriguing contrasting material.

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A retractable blind above the courtyard allows the sun to be shaded when it’s too bright.

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Viewed from an upstairs balcony, the courtyard lobby is an open cube at the heart of the hotel.

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An internal lobby also has been faced with a richly textured rustic slate tile.

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The street facade of Hotel Seven4One in Laguna Beach, California is now chic and green.

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Weathered driftwood planks reflect the beachfront setting.

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The combination of weathered wood and stained and olied wood in the deep window recesses offer a counterpoint to the lush greenery of the green wall.

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The chic frontage and newly renovated lobbies suggest a stay in aesthetically sophisticated contemporary comfort.

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The sign-in office, lined in dark slate, also promises a very elegant and contemporary sojourn.
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But oddly, only the public spaces have been renovated to this standard.

The 13 bedrooms within the boutique hotel are disappointingly bland and frumpy.

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