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Glass Tree House Perched in the Australian Bush

Utz Sanby3 architecture
Imagine if there was this immaculate cool Grey concrete kitchen counter, like an anchor centering a home  that was nestled in the treetops, overlooking the green trees in each direction…

Utz Sanby2 architecture
…and if this kitchen extended its welcome to the outdoors in the treetops…

Utz Sanby5 architecture
…and then this was all wrapped around in glass…

Utz Sanby6 architecture
…enclosing the rest of the places needed for living surrounding it…

Utz Sanby1 architecture
…then what you’d have would be a simple glass tree house.

Utz Sanby4 architecture
You’d have a simple and elegant perch from which to admire the loveliness around your lofty home.

This great escape home was designed by the dreamy modernist Sydney firm UtzSanby with their genius for incorporating the familiar commercial building aesthetic into our home designs, yet all without losing the sense of wonder and warmth and homeyness.

Source: Freshome

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