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Glorified Camping in the Puget Sound Rainforest

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Sneeoosh Cabin by ZeroPlus Architects is a barely enclosed tent-like structure with glass on all sides.

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It is gently nestled in amongst the trees overlooking Puget Sound in Washington.

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The house is raised off the ground and rests on a foundation of minimally invasive concrete disks which raises the house up off the ground.

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This avoids disturbing plants and the capillary-like tree roots that are close to the surface.

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The location on the Washington coastline has a cool and desolate feeling.

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Rickety existing stairs connect the site with the shoreline.

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The idea was to create a cabin that would have minimal impact on the natural environment.

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Struts and poles seem to hold the “tent” roof down, like a pitched tent for camping.

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The roofline seems almost as arbitrary as a casual campsite.

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The result feels almost like having temporarily pitched a huge tent in the forest.

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But the structure is very sound and solid.

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Inside, the space is warm and sun-filled.

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But the dwelling lands lightly on the landscape.

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And from the shoreline, you can barely see it.

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