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The Tsunami House on Comano Island

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Design Northwest Architects have designed a waterfront house built to allow water to flow right through it during storms.

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The house is right at sea level on Comano Island in Washington state, so it’s very vulnerable to flooding.

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The architects made the lower level, also called the “flood room” in concrete.

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The ground floor can be left open on all sides during times of danger of tsunami or flooding.

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But it also serves as extra living space, weather permitting.

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And even includes two murphy beds that fold out of the wall for guests.

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In normal life it functions as the vestibule entry space: the family would evacuate in storms.

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The house has a marine feeling.

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Every room has a sense of watery presence.

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The material palette for the entire house is concrete, metal, wood and both clear and translucent glass.

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The house is compact.

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The main floor is an open living plan with with a sleeping loft for children.

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The parents sleep in a cosy cubbyhole-type bedroom directly off the main floor, that shares living room views straight out to sea.

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The street-facing windows are in translucent glass, for privacy, while all the ocean-facing windows are clear glass.

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This is a compact and straightforward family house built to survive the worst.

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