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Gorgeous Australian Beach House Celebrates an Ancient Tree

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The Marcus Beach House lights up like a glowing lantern at night due to the unusual cladding: simply polycarbonate panels nailed to the framing timber.

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Sited near the beach on the Sunshine Coast in south east Queensland, the balmy climate allows Bark Design Architects to dispense with more substantial walls.

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A dream house for the beach, it also employs a casually sophisticated mix of woods in a friendly, open plan.

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Morning sun tumbles gloriously into its double height dining room where its warmth is captured on a trombe wall.

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From the soaring double height dining area, a more intimate living room cosies up to the fire.

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The house encircles a much loved hundred-year-old Moreton Bay Ash tree.

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From the passageway between the house’s two pavilions, it is beautifully framed against the red fence by the pool.

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It is a sight you’ll traverse daily across the glazed transparent bridge between the two wings of the house.

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Optimal cooling cross-breezes slice through the walls of louvred jalousie windows.

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Built as two separate pavilions, the living areas are separate from the bedrooms, covered in corrugated, semi-opaque polycarbonate sheeting, but both celebrate the ancient tree.

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The exotic bold mix of woods, rich brown and black create a natural mix of  timber that is rich and dark,  inside and out.

The architects are known for their memorable, sustainable and contemporary environments.

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So you might be surprised by the view from the street.

For such a lovely house, the street frontage is… a bit dull.

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