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Magical Minimalism in Tropical Brazil

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 Bento e Azevedo Arquitetos Associados have designed a sublimely minimal house set in a tropical lawn-scape in Camaçari, Brazil.

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2House Carqueija has a dreamlike surreal quality.

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3Its organized, cool and glossy white living space that creates a sanctuary in the sultry disorganization of the tropical jungle.

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4Yet this pure white space is fully open to yet bars the encroaching green vegetation without.

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5The smooth glossy white surfaces continue outdoors, marking off civilization from the jungle.

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Although the plan reveals a very small and straightforward design, the house seems to encompass a surprising number of beautiful viewpoints.

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3The lighting design creates a different arrangement of bold shapes at night.

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4Formal crisp lines of white look great from every angle, offsetting the greenery in tropical Brazil.

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Summing up the extreme simplicity of the house, this simple trio of cubed wood slabs makes for an elegant coffee table.

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The effect is created of thick walls, because the horizontal window is so deep-set.

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But as the exterior view shows, this window is simply extruded out from the building envelope.

It’s an interesting detail from both inside and out.

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Another piece of lovely detailing is this stone stair step sliced into a larger chunk of stone.

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The huge redwood entry door magically combines both welcoming warmth and gravitas.
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The outdoor living room faces east into a cool back yard pool, cantilevered out from the house.
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This cantilevered section is suggestive of the sort of traditional deck attached to a house, but this is simply incorporated directly into the white slab of the outdoor living room, reducing the “deck” to its most elemental essence.

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Sometimes a plan holds surprises.

But the surprise here is that the plan to this house of so many lovely and varied views seems relatively ordinary.

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