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Great Barrier Island Bach Closes up For Storm Protection

StormCottage2 architecture

This screen-like bifolding curtain wall of glass is the only opening in a very simple black box of a house on New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island.

StormCottage5 architecture

Fearon Hay Architects designed the Storm Cottage to fully open up with sliding bifold doors across its entire front.

StormCottage6 architecture

When not in use, or to protect against cold nights and bad storms, the entire front can be covered up by huge sliding metal doors over the glass to completely close down to seal it off against the occasional violent stormy weather on the island outpost.

StormCottage1 architecture

Great Barrier Island is a very isolated island in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, and houses on the sparsely occupied island must be self sufficient in both water and power.

StormCottage76 architecture

So the Storm Cottage is off the grid, with its power supplied by solar PV, and water is collected in a rainwater tank.

21 architecture

The curtain wall screen of glass continues on in front of the inviting bedrooms to each side of the central living space, so the whole house wakes up to the stunning ocean views.

StormCottage4 architecture

Practical and cosy bedrooms offer just enough and no more for the perfect getaway.

StormCottage8 architecture


16 architecture

In plan the cottage is beguilingly simple and direct, offering accommodation for two couples, and an ample central living space to entertain additional guests for dinner.

17 architecture

A warm interior is conjured with rich oiled oak walls and floors.

StormCottage3 architecture

The Storm Cottage creates a solace of shelter, warmth and comfort in its wild and isolated setting.

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