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Hollywood Glamour of a Malibu Mansion

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This glamourous house on the bluffs above Point Dume State Beach in Malibu, California has just come on the market.

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Impossibly romantic, a view through the window to the sea beyond is mysteriously sealed into a perfectly proportioned frame.

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Every spot is designed so the endless ocean vistas lull the senses.

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A perfectly proportioned window is set in a rammed earth wall for a quiet, serene bathing experience.

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Like a cliffside cave on the sea coast, the master bedroom is bathed in the light of a sun bounced off the endless ocean.

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A door leads directly from the bedroom to the beach below.

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Containing the master bedroom, convex volumes of glass appear carved to enclose its inhabitants.

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The huge glazed timber entry door swings in on a central pivot.

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It frames the ever present sea.

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The house is a brave standout, its floor-to-ceiling seamless windows gazing frankly on the vast, wondrous view.

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Its design allows virtually every room to experience the magic siren call of the Pacific.

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The 10,000 square foot estate includes seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

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It’s a house with the glamour of an old time Hollywood estate.

And the price tag: it’s on the market for a cool $27 million.

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