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The Sunny Charms of a Sustainable California House

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Architect David Hertz built this sweet home for his own family in Venice, California.

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The McKinley Residence (named after the street) is built to test sustainable building techniques like the use of thermal sinks and and rooftop gardening.

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The house was recently on the West Side Home Tour, for its early ideas about green building.

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It was also made an appearance on the TV series Californication.

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Despite its now tried and true ideas, the house is hardly a sterile lab of a testing ground though.

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Charming spots throughout celebrate the truly good life in southern California.

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There’s a little bit of a New Age Zen feeling…

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A master bedroom that is an enticing place for an afternoon nap.

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A a moment of delight: chunky plank stairs seen against greenery glimpsed through a glazed wall.

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A pool setting that seems designed to encourage easy and casual chat amongst friends and neighbours.

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Multiple attractive gathering spots encourage the ease of casual California-style entertaining.

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Set in the sunbaked terrace, the dark and cool shaded pool is enticing, rather than an afterthought.
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Large overhead skylights bring the brilliance of the midday sun streaking in across the bathroom walls.

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Its unusual sky lighting brings the glorious California sunshine into every nook and cranny.

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This extensive overhead glazing and concrete floor ensures a thermal sink for warming the house in winter.

It is a house that is casual and gorgeous, and sustainable too in very California way.

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