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Home for a Musician and an Architect in a Dark Forest

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Designed for a small family, an architect and a musician and their child, this forest dwelling is a cosy haven in the woods.

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Even in daylight, very little light gets to the bottom of a tall forest like this.

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Parra + Edwards Architects named this Apollo 11 to suggest a structure like a rocket ship that landed gently in a forest without touching it at any time – that could take off again, leaving the forest intact.

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The family live here with their child, all sleeping upstairs in a simple arrangement.

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But downstairs, an architects studio occupuys the quiet and meditative live/work space.

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And musical notes can be heard emanating from the dwelling which also functions as a recording studio and rehearsal space for acoustic and electric music.

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The house is set in the a grove of elms at the foot of the Chilean Andes, on the outskirts of the city of Santiago.

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The workspace and living and kitchen all occupy the ground floor studio space.

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The house is a cosy and warm shelter by night.

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But by day, living on the forest floor means very little daylight is filtered down through the forest canopy.

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This very filtered daylight is not for everybody. But for some, this sort of seclusion is a plus.

Home is where the heart is.

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