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The Elegant Minimalism of Germany’s House P

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House P by Philipp Architekten seems braced as if against the distant view across Waldenburg, Germany.

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It is almost as if the building is a dragon about to chomp up this incredible landscape.

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The house gazes out over a horizon that seems to stretch to the ends of the earth.

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Setting a solid yet airy minimalist tone overlooking this view, great slabs of white limestone create a dining table in the view space.

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The front of the house appears to float above the ‘dragons teeth’ at the front of the house.

Its bulk seems to be supported only by a wooden central core within.

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This wooden core at the front of the house contains the kitchen like a booth in a mall.

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This cube, completely panelled with elm wood, is a key element inside the glass box front.

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The back of the booth contains the staircase to the private rooms upstairs.

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Upstairs, the master bedroom is surrounded by clean white light.

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The minimalism in the parents’ bathroom is a natural extension of the Germanic distaste for fuss and bother.

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Three boys are handsomely housed in a play space that is both elegantly minimal and a wide open space for childish fun.

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Their bathroom is sturdy and efficient, making such minimalism make sense for children.

A wonderful deep white box forms the very no-nonsense sink with a clean lines.

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The parents bathroom is similarly pared-down, but with an adult sophistication.

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Outside, simple white box shapes create a similarly pared down picnic table and seating.

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The very long horizon is emphasised by converging white slabs above and below.

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Following the land form down, a step down ledge separates the living space from the eating space in front.

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The cube of the main house was completely glazed with frameless windows, to maximise both the sun and the 80-kilometres distant view.

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To one side a serene pool reflects Germany’s airy white skies.

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The architects deploy an ascetic approach using just light gray natural stone, elm or oak wood, and smooth white plaster surfaces.

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The purist paradise of House Philipp is situated on a small mountain ridge in Southern Germany with a view to the north.

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