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Illusion of a Forest Glade Within a Challenging City Site

140 architecture

A clever and tiny floor plan creates a spacious home hidden in plain sight in a wooden box in the most impossible site imaginable – with only a view of ugly apartment towers looming over it.

911 architecture

Tiny courtyards within the wooden box bring in filtered light and some greenery and create a suggestion of a zen garden around each room.

612 architecture

By night, clever lighting transforms the same space: adopting the outside as an extension of inside.

1011 architecture

The most astonishing part of the design is a tiny courtyard garden on each side of the short corridor in the center of the house.

Check the plan: this is a nothing corridor. Yet what a reward from that tiny created view!

1114 architecture

Looking the other way, viewed from the living room, looking down the corridor to the entry at the end on the left, a garden on each side has a lot of bang for a very tiny buck; the garden is only two or three paces deep.

1213 architecture

Arbol Design has created a surprising number of open and airy view spaces within the tall cedar box.

213 architecture

Each space has a zen quality of serenity.

811 architecture

Full length glazed windows open onto the small garden.

311 architecture

Viewed from the side of the garage, the very discrete  slightly recessed front door is almost hidden.

712 architecture

Coming into the driveway, the house is completely private.

512 architecture

The tall cedar fence not only conceals the home, but it also eliminates the view from inside of the apartments towering over it.

411 architecture

Most surprisingly in such a small house, every angle is perfectly thought out to provide a new and peaceful view.

Despite the lack of views or privacy offered by the challenging site, the tiny home is astonishingly open, full of light and space.

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