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Glamourous Steel Addition to Stone Farmhouse in Quebec

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Contemporary additions to rustic old farmhouses are not always successful, but here’s one by Quebec architect Henri Cleinge  that succeeds by emphasising warmth in both the older renovated interior and the new addition.

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The renovation houses four generations in an interesting combination.

Living in the old stone farmhouse will be a great grandfather, the grandparents and the children.

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The parents are to be housed in the new glass and steel addition.

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The entire four generations can gather for shared time in its spacious open plan new living areas.

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At the other end of the living room, the new addition also has a generous wood-lined kitchen.

Both kitchens are warm and homey, one rustic, this one contemporary.

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The plan shows both kitchens are designed to accommodate everyone for meals.

For accessibility, all three members of the older generation; grand- and great grandparents sleep on the ground floor of the renovated barn.

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In the new building, an upstairs mezzanine provides a huge bedroom for the parents/owners.

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Their spacious bathroom can be curtained off if privacy is needed.

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This master bedroom and master bathroom is housed on a tall mezzanine floor made possible by the height of the steel addition.

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The master suite is accessed by stairs hugging the glass wall and veiled in a warm wooden screen.

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Children and parents sleep upstairs, with a bridge connecting the parents’ and the kids’ bedrooms in the two buildings.

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An upstairs workspace in the original building mixes two timbers for a warm and cosy feel.

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And this bridge itself offers a full wall glazing on both sides offering airy views.

A nice solution for a multigenerational extended family – incorporating a 200-year-old stone building once owned by the Hudson Bay Company, that respects the old and adds a sympatico renovation.

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