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Infinity Pools Shape the Bandra Ohm

pools apartments7 architecture

Designed by the James Law Cybertecture International, the Bandra Ohm in India is a startling Ohm (Ω) shaped luxury apartment complex suggesting the fluid ripple effect of capillary wave motion.

pool apartments1 architecture

Fascinatingly, it is a series of small infinity pools down the front of the Bandra Ohm that create the intriguing undulating pattern down the apartment building.

pools apartment5 architecture

Both the outline shape and the ripple pattern suggesting water, fluidity and impermanence, are supposed to be an abstract representation of the symbol Ohm (Ω).

pools apartment4 architecture

Instead of the one pool that gets ignored in the average apartment building, this creates a multitude of small private pools for the fortunate few in this luxury residence in India.

In the fashion of these sorts of extravaganzas, some kind of central community center is supposedly housed in the bizarre contraption in the center of the building. (You just hate to think how this multistory ring thing might act in an earthquake.)

pool apartments2 architecture

But the genius of the unusual design is seen from inside the apartments.

Cleverly, the undulating narrow exterior design of the 140m tall residential tower also results in spacious double-height luxury interiors that are sun-filled and cheerful with an apparent infinity pool hanging out over the sky.

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