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Slow Studio Furniture that Takes Years to Make

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From his “slow studio” in North Alabama, the award-winning wood artist Robin Wade designs and crafts extreme one-of-a-kind handmade furniture.

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The studio is fortuitously situated in the South with its lush, southern hardwood forests – and extreme weather.

This means the kind of severe storms that can bring down huge ancient old growth trees.

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The studio tries to harvest wood primarily within a 60-mile radius from the studio, immortalizing downed trees from severe storms, as well as timber with particular historical significance.

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Wade also saves urban logs or felled trees from the landfill by working hand-in-hand with local city and county governments.

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The entire sourcing and production process mirrors an extensive effort to promote ecological balance and organic sustainability.

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His work balances the raw, natural beauty of environmentally, locally sourced hardwoods with minimally invasive, clean lines.

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The photographer Charles Moore – known for his photographs of the Civil Rights Movement in the south – documented the sustainable harvesting of the huge tree that came down during a storm at Barton Hall, an historic 1840’s plantation home near Cherokee, Alabama.

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Why so long ago? The process that creates his unique, one-of-a-kind pieces takes time – up to three years.

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The process begin by sourcing the trees, logs, or antique beams, flitch cutting the lumber (retaining the natural edges), debarking with a draw knife, stacking and air drying – which takes one to three years, and finally the kiln drying process.

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“At this point,” says Wade, “we are ready to begin cooperating with the wonderful slab to see just what form we can come up with for its next life.

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Utilizing centuries-old methods, machinery, and tools, each piece is finished on-site and transformed into a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of art meant to last for generations.

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The result is that the very unique company creates only a handful of items each year that Wade calls both rustic and modern. “I haven’t yet found a better artist than nature,” he says.

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“What’s the rush anyway”, says Wade. “It just makes sense (to me) that if furniture takes weeks, months or years to make – the customer would in turn value it more, keep it longer, and there would be a slow down in the chaotic mass consumption of our natural resources. Well, we’re doing our part”.

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  1. David Barclay Says:

    What a wonderful idea that leads to some truly one of a kind pieces. I'd love to own something like this but I have a feeling these would all be light-years out of my budget range!

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