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Kidosaki’s House in Yatsugatake Perches over Nagano

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The House in Yatsugatake presides like an eagle over breathtaking views of the city of Nagano spread out below it.

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Up close, its sharp outline juts out like a sharp beak from the towering Yatsugatake mountains.

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From within, it appears to be flying slowly over the distant mountains.

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The subtle palette of the surrounding vegetation add to a suspended, dreamlike feeling, which the house nurtures with its quiet coloration.

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Designed by Kidosaki Architects Studio, the very unique house is entirely glassed-in on three sides.

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A glass-framed door opens to an exterior balcony that almost entirely wraps the house.

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The balcony surrounds three sides of the floating structure.

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The wide walking balcony completes the zen vibe of the home.

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Nagano is well known for its Japanese cultural landmarks like the 7-th century temple Zenkō-ji, and the quiet interior reflects these traditions.

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Japan’s traditional craftsmanship is evidenced in this door with its centered horizontal handle.

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Beyond the door, black veined marble is used to continue the peaceful tranquility of the mountains in the dining room.

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The construction of the house is very sculptural and elegant, with half of it simply sitting on a large structural column built into the mountainside supported with two diagonal bracing cylinders.

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Kidosaki is one of the few Japanese architects who really embraces the great traditions of Japanese architectural sensibility: for example, in this detail – rather than employing the thick slab shape found in contemporary architecture – drawing a sharp point with the construction technique.

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