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Auckland’s Cliff House a Nature-Lover’s Dream

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Imagine coming downstairs to this amazing sight every morning!

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In its vast museum-like space, Cliff House by Fearon Hay Architects is an ode to the joy of each day’s fresh promise.

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With limitless vistas over New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf and the volcanic island of Rangitoto, the clifftop house itself is simply a slim sliver of a glass case interposed on the scene.

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The entire house can be opened up like a huge, high-ceilinged pavilion space.

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The entire bottom of the glazing can be slid back to experience the sweet and fresh night air.

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While the view over Auckland’s glorious Hauraki Gulf is inspirational, the house has a matter-of-fact air.

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An efficient and brisk lap pool keeps its inhabitants fit and tough.

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Sliding glass walls can be drawn to enclose its magnificent open-air bath room.

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The studied precision of this bathroom fixture perfectly expresses the supremely elemental bathing space.

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Landscaping is similarly rudimentary and unfussy.

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Backlit kitchen cupboards behind full height frosted glass doors are so serene that you’d not imagine that there even is a kitchen there.

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Cooking on this black marble island in this open plan space with its cool stone floor would have the feeling of a very posh barbecue.

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With its raw and natural open-air design, this is a very civilized house for living closely with – and truly experiencing – nature.

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