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Like a Bleached Fossil, an Intriguing Hotel in Far Off Patagonia

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In distant Patagonia, a unique and strange hotel and spa has an otherworldly feeling.

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The natural-looking roof construction of its amazing structure is organic, looking like a nest, or a some kind of giant spiders web.

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Hugging the ground, the hotel and spa barely registers on the landscape.

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Its boomerang shape seems to echo the curve of the sky.

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Despite the low slung exterior, the panorama is experienced fully from within.

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Enormous vistas are fully realized through the high windows.

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The architect drew his inspiration from the idea of an old fossil, a prehistoric animal beached on the lakeshore, like those drawn by Charles Darwin.

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The attention to detail is thanks to interior designers Alexandra Edwards and Carolina Del Piano.

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Hand rails are formed of bleached driftwood scoured by the snows and winds across these desolate plains.

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Natural materials, wood, leather, wool, cotton create a sense of unparalleled quiet and comfort.

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The warmth of wood creates a sense of calm and peace.

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The 40 rooms all face out onto the Torres del Paine that are magnificent snow capped mountains.

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Grand sweeping spaces are contrasted with intimate settings of comfort.

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The spa offers a nirvana for hikers, who barely change out of their backpacks during their stays.

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Constructed almost entirely from the lovely native lenga wood, the organic feeling is unforced.

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The Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa is a stunningly original hotel.

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The masterpiece is the latest from architect Casu Zegers.

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